Big Giant Circles

Back in the day, I had a story that was called “Parfait”. I posted the first chapter on my deviantart account once, to the chorus of crickets. It wasn’t very good. It wasn’t groundbreaking. But it was an interesting story. The funny thing is that I used eLouai dolls to keep track of the characters’ appearances. They make me miss the story, and I was never all that attached to it.

It was an interesting device though. Every viewpoint character introduced the next one. The next layer of the parfait. Someone else would have used it to mean something. The interconnectedness of all things. I didn’t. I just thought it was fun to do. Until it wasn’t and now it’s just a chapter and a half that I look at and go eh.

Maybe I could recycle their faces, but I don’t think that more than two of the six are worth settling into new homes completely. And at least one of those would need an attitude adjustment and a thicker spine.

There’s a fun way of putting things. Character surgery. Remove do-gooder mentality, graft on a little world-weariness, add neuroses, take away pretty face. The nip and tuck of fictional revival. It lives! We’ve all got a little bit of Victor Frankenstein in us, don’t we? Enamoured with the wrong ideas, arrogant in our suppositions, stubborn, whiny. He should have written novels instead of reanimating several of the dead in one body.

Anywho. Not reworking any stories any time soon. Today, I’ll probably just sew and watch a movie. Can’t be arsed to play any games. For some reason, they all suddenly suck. It’s a conspiracy.


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