The growing stupidity of the Comfortable

Listening to: Chrono Chross OST Disc 1

Some pretty dumb stuff happens to and around me. Often it’s inconvenient or disturbing. Lately, it’s been because of the general comfort people have with the world. Complacency, I call it. They think it’s okay to park in this reserved space, it’s empty. No one will notice.

Yesterday, we drove home from my parents’ house, and found a red car (too dark to tell the make and model easily, but I got the plate, so bloody fear me) in my covered parking space. I parked on the street just beyond the car park and then we walked back, carrying the many things that come with a visit to my parents’ house. By the time we walked past my space, those chuckleheads had cleared out.

Must’ve seen me stop behind them and write their plate on my phone. Again, it was dark. I bet they thought I was phoning the tow service. Next time, I’ll do it from the car, parked right behind them. Just in case they are staying nearby.

Why do people think that makes it okay to park somewhere you aren’t allowed to be? If you stay in the car, you can drive off. Unless someone just calls it in and never makes their presence known to you.

Still, that was lucky. Because the next day, it snowed like mad. And I have a covered space.

Then this morning, I woke up with a nightmare around 6:00. I looked out the window to check the weather conditions and saw an extra someone parked next to my car. This shouldn’t be weird. Except for the fact that my space is at the end of the line, right next to a sloped sidewalk and the grass just before the garages. What kills me is that I should have known when these people parked. I was awake (in bed, but awake) when the lights invaded our room through the blinds. I thought it was just someone backing into one of the open spaces.

I have gotten warnings for parking with an inch of my tire touching that slope of sidewalk. These people better get a kick in the face.


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