Waver and Release

While looking over a little legal agreement, I found this rather inspiring typo. It’s probably a bad idea to copy and paste it exactly as it was, so I pruned some words. It sounds less legalese and authentic, but the bold portion is absolutely left alone. Because that is what was so funny in the first place.

By signing, you hereby release [BLANK] from liability, and waive the right to make claims arising out of, or relating to, the content or the use of your name, hometown, mage and/or likeness as set forth in this agreement

There’s a short story I want to see. A story about someone suing over illegal use of their mage. I honestly had no idea what was meant until I made the connection between what I was reading, the internet, and the real world. In that there was one at all.

I don’t think I’d write that story, it’s too dumb for me. Doesn’t really offer enough of what I already do, and too much of what I don’t want to bother with–i.e., lawyers. But maybe someone else could change my mind. Also, I hate tags. I’m trying to use them more, but I just don’t like them. They’re so easily used to clunkify one’s blog.


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