Keeping up with it all

Exactly what I’m not doing! :3

But it’s for a good reason. A few of them. Mostly. The weekend had a lot of family visiting going on, both to see us and us to them, so that was not only time well spent, but time not around a computer really. When I was around one, I was playing The Sims 2. And it was not my computer. So I plead guilty to all charges.

I would say that it’s not been all that interesting the past missed posting days, but that would be untrue. I have come up with an irritatingly large stable of ideas that is getting to egg me on, which can be good and bad. I also found out that I lost an entire paragraph of chapter 10, which pisses me off, especially since it’s been as hard to write as every other put together.

But it’s better to focus on the things that I can see go better faster. I’m really hoping to contribute largesse to the needleworkers’ guild, but it’ll take time to complete.I’ve been working on the outline–my slice of even weave linen is too small for the design I’m making, but I managed to tweak some stuff around the edge when I realised it. It’s a griffin, so I shrunk its earhorns and I’ll probably shrink its talons a little bit. Maybe its tail. I’m glad I picked this design. It’s a better size for the end project, and it’s easy to tweak. Still, cross-stitching takes time.

Haha, I’m actually appreciating an element of the novel now. Natalie having to do all of the costume embroidery by hand. I mean, I’ve never used an embroidery machine, but still. I have used a sewing machine, and I’ve done the same stuff by hand. I know the time and effort difference, and can apply it otherwise.

On a completely unrelated note, Dragon Hunters is a bizarre watching experience. I honestly cannot say if it’s good or bad. I think it’s because my audio was freakishly out of sync with the video. I went back and fixed it, and now I think I like it while not lauding it as genius.

I feel oddly productive. Maybe because of all that sewing. I have most of the griffin’s back, the outline of its head, and most of its beard done. I have also used up half of the black floss I cut. However, I still don’t think I got much done. No writing either. Still pissed about losing that paragraph.


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