Character study – Aster

Maybe not a proper one, but it was nice quick work. I was writing some things for a party of three characters that were meant to go on an interplanar journey, and I decided to put together the most basic information.

I used One Note to organise it, since a friend (who is a student) had been gushing about it before. I still have my old problems with the program, but it does do enough. It just feels like it can conquer the world and I can barely use it to catch a bus.

Anyway. The information that I decided to put together was a few single lines to cover age/appearance, fitness level and basic strengths/weaknesses, a random fact, and reason to be involved in the initial catalyst.

Then, because that is very little indeed, I did a bit of freewriting with a different prompt for each.

Aster Holznecht is the redheaded tech expert.

Weather had never bothered me before. Rain or shine, why fuss? That day, the sun was high and beaming like an embarrassing maternal smile. Just then, I couldn’t help but hate it.

“Why are you doing this, Matt?” Oh, man. Had I really just said that? I didn’t even like him that much.

My boyfriend–apparently aspiring to be my ex-boyfriend–buried a hand in the bushy brown hair behind his head. He was a football player, but on the small side of that sport’s usual peerage. “Come on, Aster, don’t be like that. You must have seen this coming.”

That pissed me off. I might have seen it coming if there had been any sign. Nothing weird or bad had been going on. We didn’t fight, he didn’t avoid me, and we were both virgins.

Or maybe that was it. I raised an eyebrow at him. “Was I supposed to magically know you started cheating on me?”

Matt was not a genius. He’d be on academic probation if he wasn’t an MVP. His face told me everything. But what could I say about his brains? I hadn’t seen this coming.

However, I could save face. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms. “You’re completely pathetic.”

As I walked away, I mulled over two subjects. How I had ever deigned to date that guy, and if I had let him borrow anything.

The answer to the first question alluded me, but the second yielded positive results. I’d just taken back my Emma Blu-Ray, and he was still lending me his entire Monty Python collection.

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