Evolution of an activity

Listening to: “She” – Abney Park

Yesterday, I was considering bringing back or beginning another try at the 100 (or more) themes. I had two characters in mind, just two powerful and possibly dangerous women. Promising, but not a very big deal.

I started on theme #1, which is almost always “Introduction” or something like that. Just thinking of introducing the younger character to the jungle-y world that the older one lives in. But it all started growing. I ended up with nearly 700 words and a much bigger idea. At first I thought it was just a cool way to run through the themes, but I realised that I had more on my hands when I was looking through the themes that I wanted more control than going down a numbered list or even choosing one at random.

In the original, a delinquent named Hailey Spark is in an armoured transport on her way to be exiled. The flash of fiction ends with her alone in the wilds.

It’s been a nice quiet day, so I made some notes concerning ideas I had after writing the snippet. I ended up fixing a lot of things that could have been holes if I had continued, and even came up with a different beginning. But the writing itself wasn’t bad. I got a handle on one of the characters–the only one that was introduced–and figured out what the setting ought to be. I chose a real place, gave it more worldly prominence, and fast-forwarded to A Future so that I could have bullets and arrows.

Technically, I still want to write a short piece for each of the themes, so I think I’ll just save this and try that again. It’s nice to have something else that I want to write, no matter how bogged down I am. Kind of like mixing up cake mix and then deciding to make cookies with the mix instead.

So, I’ve found a variation of the themes that does not start with Introduction or Hello World. I may not do it today, but I want to do it. In fact, I might not post anything at all next week. I’m going to be very busy up until Saturday, when I’ll likely want to crash and sleep for an afternoon.


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