End of Day Two

Got back  from the meeting a little bit ago. It was nice, mostly chatting, but I actually got something done. That makes it different from NaNoWriMo write-ins. All I ever did at those was talk. And meet my future husband.

We picked better colours, so when I finish the outline, the insides are gonna look ace. Also gave in to temptation and got some patterns that I’ll have to modify colour-wise if I want a chance at ever trying them.


So that’s where I am at the end of my second day. There are a couple of mistakes, but as far as I’ve tracked down, they are not noticeable unless one is in possession of the pattern. Lucky!

It’s so nice to have something I can look at. I’m kind of gooning at it I’m so happy and tired.

Got an unexpected break, so tomorrow might be another good day for getting stuff done. But I still have 99 themes and a writing itch.

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