Hopefully Impressive Third Day

Today probably should not be repeated. I woke up early and installed myself in front of the telly with my griffin. I got up to make meals and the like, but I ended up spending pretty much the entire day stitching. I also finished another book. But considering that my right index finger and thumb have been visibly (and rather painfully) swelling for a while now, I’m likely going to lighten up a little bit.

The problem is two-fold: I have problem hands, pain-wise, and I tend to hyperfocus. The latter is especially bad when it’s something that I’m enjoying with very little difficulty. If I could just bottle it or control it somehow, I’d be golden. Also riddled with pain more often. I can’t open a water bottle on my own anymore. Eheh. It’s a trade-off, right?

Bragging doesn’t come easily to me–not consciously, anyway–and I’m also a total newbie, but I think this is probably pretty good for three days, especially since my efforts in everything else has been so disappointing.

I’ve been taking all of these pictures with my phone, and this is quite possibly the clearest picture I’ve taken with it.

So now all I have left are the griffin’s talons, tongue, tail, and then I have the outline done and I can start on the colour. I’d like to try to incorporate shading, but I haven’t planned for that, and I think it’s best to keep it simple. I can try complicated another day. Someday, I could try my own designs. It’d be weird to see my square-headed tiny people on fabric.


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