A Slow and Agonising Scare

A while back, I mentioned the pain and swelling in my right index finger. Possibly other pain as well. It became so constant and so severe that I finally sought medical care.

In fact, the day I had planned a walk-in at my chiropractor’s office, I actually got really tired and decided not to go. But an hour or so after I made that decision, I realised that I couldn’t make a fist without pain and difficulty–and when I did manage a fist, the tendons in my hand locked up and threatened to keep all of my fingers curled.

So that was pretty scary.

A regular adjustment didn’t seem to help right away (I know it doesn’t, but I had hoped for some kind of relief at least), but a look at my feet proved that I have pretty badly falling arches. I got orthotics, which is depressing, and now have to throw or give away most (0r all) of my shoes.

After about three days of getting used to the orthotics, I have noticed that the swelling has not gone down much, but the pain is less. And I can make a fist again! It’s not easy and my index finger still doesn’t cooperate entirely with the gesture, but at least now I can do stuff like hold a pen and sew.

On that subject… I haven’t been able to do much, obviously. Today was the first day since the last time I posted that I dared pick up a needle, and I have yet to finish the front half of the griffin. I’ll probably post again when I have all of that done, or have started on the rear.

Hopefully, this very painful business will clear up and I can walk around without wishing that I could be a cyborg.

Learn from my example, children. Wear your shoes, have proper arch support. It seriously screws up your entire body. I have pain in my knees, lower back, shoulders, arms, wrists, and fingers. I think the only part of me that doesn’t hurt right now is my nose. And maybe my ears.


2 thoughts on “A Slow and Agonising Scare

  1. Hope you get healed up soon, I’ve enjoyed seeing your progress on the griffin and I hope you’re able to get back to it soon!

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