Finally some progress


I’m just making a quick picture post to show that I’ve between able to get a little bit done today. I finished the gold front of the griffin, and started on the blue half. Right now it looks like blue jeans, which bugs me, but at the same time it’s kind of hilarious.

My brother and his girlfriend came by, and we all played Arkham Horror. I sewed while we played, and funnily enough, we had a rare win.

I’m going to have to get some very light grey or white and some lighter red so that I don’t have those blank areas anymore. I think it’ll look nicer if everything is even. But then, I have OCD, so I could just be ridiculous.

Sigh. It’s been a great day, but the people in the flat upstairs are being obnoxious. It’s after midnight and they’re taking so loudly that I feel like an eavesdropper. Management just circulated a newsletter informing tenants that our community has quiet hours that begin at 22:00 and end at 10:00. I guess the people upstairs think that weekends are exempt.

Not the best way to end a post, but they are really incredibly loud and Swype is dropping my intended words in favour of total gibberish.


One thought on “Finally some progress

  1. It DOES look like blue jeans! That was my exact thought before I even started reading this post! I think it would bug me too, but it is a little funny…

    I wish I could have come to play Arkham Horror with you guys! And we all need to get together sometime and play Shadow Hunters… :)

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