Ambitious Friends

My last Sims 3 story was named after my save, and so is this one. The Ambitious Friends.

Svetlana Chamberlain and Calvin Rufo grew up together. He’s a bit of a clumsy loser, but he’s a great cook. She’s headed for glory as an actress, and although she can’t look commitment head on, she can’t ditch her best friend. Especially when Calvin’s fiancée left him and their toddler Persephone homeless and destitute.

Together, they got a flat near the consignment store in Bridgeport.

Of course, even with Svetlana’s savings, they could only just afford to outfit their new place. They had to seek gainful employment. Svetlana ran over to the movie lot and found an entry level position. She toured the lot before walking out to the bistro to take a mixology class. Bartending could never pay the bills, but Svetlana has a thing for it.

It took Calvin a bit longer to attain his dream job. As he was loathe to leave his little girl with a babysitter on their first day in a new town, he took her with him to City Hall to get a job as a private investigator. The stroller does not travel very quickly, but he enjoyed the time with Persephone.

Thanks to Calvin’s open hours and Svetlana’s free mornings, they were able to take care of any business one had in town while the other stayed home. Persephone was able to see plenty of both of them.

However, there were still some times when Calvin had to pursue a lead or conduct an interview while Svetlana had to wait on the director hand and foot. The babysitter, What’s-Her-Face Cotton, was singularly bad at her job, and not only did nothing but watch telly and play with the computer, but she never fed Persephone. Luckily for her, the only surviving photo the family has of her makes her look competent.

Although she endured the bad babysitter, Persephone preferred to share meals with Persephone when Calvin had to go out in the mornings.

Thanks to the patience of her father and “Aunty” Svetlana, Persephone learned everything she needed.

She loved to play pretend, and although she was finally old enough for school, her best friend was still Hades, her doll.

As you can see in the second picture, she has taken a bit of influence from her “aunty”. Calvin is not happy about the professional styling and makeup, but he’s too much of a pushover to do anything about it.

For a while, they lived in calm comfort. A long weekend saw everyone at home. Svetlana continued practising mixing drinks, Persephone is still hanging out with Hades, and Calvin is ever hard at work investigating cases. For some reason, the last few have all been about mouthwash and used suspiciously used toothbrushes.

Persephone set about seeking out everything that looked interesting. She started painting as a way to help out with the family finances, and is saving up for a chemistry set. Like many sim children, she also spends a lot of time yelling at her kiddy oven and the smoking goods she produces.

But it wasn’t until she went to see a concert that she decided what she wanted to do with her life. Yes, one concert and our girl wants to be a rock star.

Perhaps infected by this confident decision-making, or just afraid of letting his daughter grow up without a mother, Calvin started to think about getting married. He asked his friend Moxie Logan what she thought about the subject, and the two of them had a nice long talk under the stars.

He even gave her flowers. It was moving a bit fast, but her surprise was still a little over-exaggerated.

Meanwhile, things at home continued much the same. To anyone else, it might have seemed strange that Calvin never even considered marrying Svetlana. But they were family in quite a different way. While only Svetlana could supply Persephone with the comfort that comes from a life of reconciling makeup and blue monster slippers, Calvin was not about to ruin his friendship. He also might have thought that a step-mother should make sure there’s more than ice cream for dinner.

One day, while searching for clues at the local tattoo parlour that would hopefully lead him to a burglar, Calvin ran into Moxie. He immediately let the case alone for a date. He took Moxie to a sports game, and then out to a nice restaurant. Thanks to his connections to a well-known celebrity (and some similar status of his own), their meal was free. And thanks to a lapse in the chef’s ability, and Calvin’s lumpheaded readiness to point out burnt food, Calvin received a S500 prize for being the bistro’s “Bravest Customer”.

He topped off the date by asking Moxie to be his girlfriend.

So far, it isn’t over, so there might be more after this one. We’ll see. If Calvin actually marries Moxie, things in the flat might get too crowded for actual play. Or maybe something interesting will happen, and this family will need another installment.


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