Quick and hopeful post

I’m still sick, but it’s really eased off by now. If I didn’t have to get going in about ten minutes, I would write a longer, possibly cooler post all about bugs in fiction or murdering author’s darlings. But now I just want to keep from having an empty post count of 0 for today.

Back to work, and I am also taking my sewing with me. If I finish today, than that’s a guaranteed post of awesome. Even if I don’t, I can share a picture. There are tonnes of other patterns I want to do when I’m done, hopefully for something that I can wear around and brag that I did, haha.

It’s near the end of the month and I have managed to read five books. I think I’m going to take a copy of either The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy or the first Fablehaven book (if I can find it) and see if I can’t introduce a great book to someone else. I’ve read both of them two or three times already, but I did say that re-reading a book counts towards my progress of 100 books.

I’m also in the middle of a few different books. Amazon has quite a lot of books that are occasionally free and not written by Dickens (Although I tend not to get such books for free, it makes certain writers roll in their graves). And it’s easy to lose patience with Bloody Golden Walter. I’m going to finish that book out of annoyance.

Long exhale of bad air. I have been dreading my blog, that I have either not had time or more often lately, not been able to think of anything to write once I log in. It’s painful to stare at a blank blog window.

All right, time to start the day. Hopefully I will come back to the blog with pictures by 15:00 my time, and maybe even have another book or two read by month’s end.


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