My husband’s hair is impossible to draw. I actually break out in fear whenever he asks me to draw him, because I did it successfully ONCE and the world shall never know the shame of how many times I have tried to draw it before and since. Especially not my husband.

He was venting today and I didn’t want to break his flow–which I tend to do, because I am quite unable to shut up at the worst of times–so I opened up Painter 9 and started doodling. Because earlier today, I was looking in a mirror and realised that my hair is this lion’s mane of crazy fluff.

When I get out of the shower, I just have normal wet hair. To the middle of my back, so not a major length or anything. It’s just wet hair that is quite heavy and hangs onto water so thoroughly that I don’t even own a hair dryer. They literally do not work. I have to let my hair dry on its own time.

Once it does dry, It actually shrinks (which may be normal) in length, but grows outward. My hair fluffs enormously, and it all comes towards the front, which makes it look even bigger in the mirror. I tried to draw my own hair in this picture four times. It still doesn’t look right, but I blame the fact that I put an arm in the wrong place.

I wish I could draw my husband. I have done it once and I’m stupidly proud of it, but fear it is one of a kind. That doodle on the far right isn’t mine, it’s just awesome.


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