My reading speed is…

Apparently rather high.

Of course, that’s reading Alice in Wonderland, which I quite like, and have read before. With Jane Eyre, a book that I have read before, but has since lost a good deal of its original charm (for me), I only managed about 450 words per minute. It could also be something to do with the way that the website calculates the final ‘score’.

But still. It’s a fun thing to brag about. I have always known that I read faster than other people. I don’t think I can actually speed read, but I may have some of the foundations for it. My comprehension is not as good as a speed reader, so I can’t read homework type things as quickly, as I want to understand much finer details than those in ruddy Lucky Luck. Even so.

It is also dependent on what I’m reading. For some reason, I cannot skim the Prydain books. I tried the other day, and I felt like I wasn’t reading anything. Part of the reason I was skimming was because I was trying to see where I had left off on my old ereader, but I never found it. I swear I read over where I actually was and never found out when that had been. I have no idea why.

Anywho. It’s the beginning of the month and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make my 100 books in a year thing. Yes, at the beginning. I’m writing a novel, cross-stitching an 11×14 teapot poster (well it is), and I want to play a video game.

Still. I’m not going to stop reading. I just won’t cry when it turns out that at the end of December, I will have only read fifty books, or thirty. As long as it’s more than fifteen, I’m happy. Because that is apparently something I can do in three months, if things continue as projected.

This month I read/finished:

Yellow Fairy Book compiled by Andrew Lang
Tales of Beadle the Bard by JK Rowling (which disappointed majorly, should not be read anywhere near Lang’s Fairy Books)
The Fury by Lisa J Smith (and found that my copy of the next book is corrupted and unreadable)
The Sighs of Suzumiya Haruhi by Nagaru Tanigawa
Sweet Silver Blues by Glen Cook

So yeah, pretty much all finishing stuff and starting new things. I gave up on The Wood Beyond the World. I just couldn’t stand the protagonist. Maybe this month I’ll reread The Princess and the Goblin, then watch the film instead of reading The Princess and Curdie. If I recall, that book was a bit preachy and strange.

I did start reading Bitter Gold Hearts. There’s something of a story there. I was reading it when I was ill and sort of hallucinating. I wanted to lay down and close my eyes, but I didn’t think I would sleep, because I was in too much misery (not dramatic, I was so bad off I didn’t even know if I was awake when I thought I was) so I let Samsung’s TTS read me the book.

Samsung’s TTS is not very good.

So I reread some things when I was pretty sure I was awake and trying to sleep had made me feel worse. Between reading while sick, being read to by a flat, badly made TTS (“lived” is always pronounced as rhyming with “arrived”, but somehow it can say “Tinnie” properly), I did not get to the end yet.

I still want to finish the books from my old list, but I will not be continuing the Suzumiya Haruhi series unless I run out of ebooks on my machine. I will also have to either get to a library or buy a new copy (e- or hc) of Dark Reunion. And even though The Raven Ring is the only one I read (and apparently the last one), I might go back and read the other books before returning to that reread.


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