Project in progress

This is part of a larger project, which I will talk about at greater length at a later date.

I have given an old idea, Every Time We Say Hello, a revival of a different sort. I made all of the characters younger, put them in a different magical word with better rules, and found them a plot at last.

The biggest problem was with Jennifer Ebb. She had a cool power, but nothing concretely wrong with her aside from general screwed-up-éd-ness, an immature longing for maturity, and not having a catchy flaw. Her friends were more exciting, but they needed to be observed to really have any power in a narrative. It’s funny, I ended up saving two ideas by pushing them together. They had matching weaknesses. It was like a square peg and a square hole.

ETWSH had the wrong setting and no plot. It could not gain a plot because I was taking a character-inspired story and trying to come up with an external conflict, not based on the characters. My second attempt (or was it third?) at a school with magic elements had a strong setting, ready to have characters that sparked the plot, but I couldn’t get any of them to reach the standard I wanted.

After aging the characters down to enter this new school and in some cases rewinding their pasts, I chose a central character, and after a lot of discussion with my husband, found a plot that centres around her while leaving plenty of room for other characters to do things and the school to be explored.

But that’s all boring to other people. Let’s get to the art!

A long time ago, I drew Jennifer Ebb at sixteen (I think), which was when I designed the uniform. I might have mentioned that she is a witch who can control the weather with her hair. In this new setting, that’s more oldfashioned than traditional, and Jennifer is a little annoyed by it. She still wants to grow up ASAN (As Soon As Now), but now that she’s thirteen, that’s more difficult, and any success she has is negate-able by her quite visible size and age.

Anywho, this took a lot of screwing around and serious business. I started with a mockup of different poses for the major characters, and then I sat on it for a long time. Then I drew a couple of different faces before going with the determined/angry one. That big serpent-y thing was the first iteration of Jennifer’s hair. It didn’t work at all, so I tried it with a chibi, drew it a second time (the version there) and sat on it more.

Then after I drew all that hair yesterday (of which I only shared one version), I inadvertently got practise drawing hair with physics in mind. It’s still not good Windy Hair, but it is supposed to be under her control, which is one of the reasons her tie hasn’t moved. I’m also lazy and like her tie the way it is. Initially, when I went in today to fix the hair, I was only going to draw her to about the waist down, as the setup I hope to achieve will not allow for full body shots.

But her legs came out so well that I decided to keep them, at least here. I still have a minimum of three other characters to draw, two of which are identical twins, and who knows how long that will take.

Enjoy the picture. Hopefully things will go well enough that I will be able to talk more about the project later.


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