The early idea

I think I’ve said in the long ago past how I used matchstick men (some people might call them “stick people”) to arrange a picture. I do this most often when I have a larger group of characters in the planned picture, and I want to make sure they have diversity in their presentation. The matchstick men help me to keep track of each pose, as well as allowing me to plan each subsequent character around existing ones, or to see how an idea of mine translates to screen.

After drawing a couple of the characters and giving colours and dimensions a second thought, I don’t think the picture will look like this in the end. But it’s the first group shot I’ve arranged in a long time, and I do like putting up old stuff that lies behind the progress.

Unfortunately, I want a roughly square shot now, so Nidge has to get down and find something else to do. Ben (name changed not long ago) has to stand up and do the same. And Noel (after another name-change, too many Ns) shouldn’t be a positive figure quite yet, so he has to bugger off out of the picture. That’s what I get for smashing together two slightly contrary worlds of mine. Names do not balance anymore. Not a big deal though.

Either I have to make a new plan or just draw the rest of the characters from scratch. Nurly is kind of done, but there’s something about her that I just don’t like. I’m afraid that it’s her head or her face, which really sucks because she and Nidge are supposed to be identical.


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