Reinventing the wheel to run yourself over

It actually takes me longer than it used to to write a post these days. Is it because I’m busy? Or because my internet is somehow slower than it ought to be?

No. It’s because I have to growl my way through two or three alternative ways to post that have nothing to do with the way I want. WordPress trying to make things “quicker” is wasting my time. I feel like I keep finding new ways to post that push the right way further and further away.

All of the “quickpress” stuff needs to fuck off. I have a bunch of dumb categories that I need access to in order to keep my posts organised. If no one else cares about that organisation then fine. But I want it. It’s for me.

There’s something to be said for improvement, but how is this improving anything? It isn’t quick, so it’s a misnomer and a useless feature. It bloats the interface, and makes it harder to find the function I want because all of the abilities to post have the same name. If I click New Post in the wrong place, then I don’t get the full version of the interface.

Sigh. Maybe I just feel out of sorts. I’ve been reading some crap (not a word to mean “stuff” in this case) and turning down beta-reading/editing requests. Yesterday I was in so much pain that I was hardly able to get out of bed, let alone go outside. And today I cut my fingers on ice.

Later, I’ll try to get back to writing. I hit an awful snag, and I have not been doing well upstairs. But if I can get at least 500 words today, then I’ll go home and turn on a movie, draw a little more. I have a self-portrait I meant to put up yesterday, but then my desktop crashed. The picture is intact, I just didn’t want to deal with crash aftermath.


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