Ingredients Part 2

I’m not going to pick up right where I left off yesterday. Instead, I’m going to try to explain a little about why I want to use an established one-line tag to grab a character type.

  1. Steretypes/archetypes/tropes featured heavily in my thoughts and my writing in the last post
  2. It’s faster than trying to go complex from word one
  3. The point is to see one way or another why there seems to be a recipe to character sets in fiction

At first I wanted to try to base them vaguely upon a similarity, however stretched, to the lasagna ingredients I mentioned. Now I’m thinking that that might take too long. I don’t exactly have an encyclopaedic knowledge of tropes, and I can’t seem to find a generator to randomise them. So what I ended up doing was going down a list with my eyes unfocused (closing your eyes is for people who can’t daydream :p) and then picking at–well, at random. I think I’m over-using that word. At least it means what I think it means.

The ones I landed on were Plucky Office Girl, The Scrooge, Dirty Coward, and Badass Normal. (Note: this is kind of fatiguing for me, as my normal method of character creation is complex from scratch. Not a trope user, I use the site to read background information on stuff) I recognise these, and can think of a few established characters and people that fall under these headings.

I almost started imagining a battle royale between Arnold Rimmer, Dolly Parton, Hetty Green, and Batman. But that’s because of falling asleep in my chair. I woke up, and made some blurbs. (yes, I am so horrible that my mind conjured an image of Hetty Green using her son’s amputated leg as a club)

Plucky Office Girl
I have to say this–dullest character type ever. I’m reading a book to review right now that has an office-type career woman who is girly in the most boring, stupid ways, and so I did not look on this as a boon from chance. [/whinge] Casey Rucka, tall and somewhat boyish in figure, with dark blonde hair. She works at Pencils And Things, and her knowledge of the policies may rival the founder’s, but she’s barely trusted with coffee. I cannot make this person interesting.

The Scrooge
George Holland, a mean twenty-four-year-old geezer who wouldn’t even bail himself out. Cuts his own hair, wears his brother’s cast-offs, and built a generator so that he wouldn’t have to pay for electricity. Runs a tabletop RPG for all of the other characters.

I’m just… I’m bored now. Oh man. For some reason, even looking at this is just TEDIOUS. Maybe I was on a roll and then had to do something else, but I can’t even think on this stuff now. I just read these titles and think, “What am I doing?”

Maybe this is my point. I cannot do planned ingredients. I cook with my eyes shut and hope it’s delicious.

I should apologise to myself for wasting my time. Ew. I think exhaustion is taking a toll as well. All I want to do right now is turn on some music and fall asleep.


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