Watching The Last Unicorn

I have a few thoughts on this subject that are currently on my mind.

Kids are a million times more likely to respond to a movie or book if am older person is visibly into it. Kids are learning to fit in. They already respect their parents, and often try to ape their tastes. In a strange way.

When I was a kid, my favourite music was classical, opera, and from the 60s. This was the music that my dad listened to, that he hot really into.

We think kids’ stuff now really sucks, and part of that is probably true. It’s not as creative on the whole as it once was–the norm is formulaic, and the false, chipper voices are distasteful. As a child, I found such things offensive to my intelligence.

In fact, this is why I think that so-called kids’ stuff should put the older audience in mind.

I’ve noticed that only after I started to speak along with the lines in The Last Unicorn and sing the songs–that was when the kids began doing so.

They’re enjoying it over and over, and part of that is visibly because I am. Also, I think that some kids need “permission” to sing along or repeat dialogue.

I don’t know how to deal with some of the questions though. Some are stupid questions. I mean legitimately stupid. Others just make me sad. When I was a kid, I understood Molly Grue’s pain when she shouted at the unicorn, without being told. Heck, I think I cried. Having to explain it to a child is depressing–was I a freak, or are kids now just lacking in sympathy?

That and the annoying attitude that some boys have of loudly declaring that a romantic scene is disgusting. They’re so proud of themselves, and it’s so rude.

Maybe I could deal with it if it was actually based on opinion. But it’s because they’ve seen someone else say it. Probably on telly.


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