I get mad about dumb stuff

When I first got the Airship Pirates book, before I’d even finished reading it, I had a concept for a crew of rag-and-bone men. One stand-out character was a lady tinker who had crawled her way out of lace and etiquette to a place among these scabby, unwashed scavengers. They were a sort of scrappy family, and their ship was called the Horse And Cart, or with great affection, simply the Cart.

While looking up mostly unrelated things this morning, I came across someone who had put together an officially unofficial Schtick for such a crew. It’s a funny feeling to find someone who had the same idea as you did. I’ve half a mind to be annoyed that someone will be seen as having a great idea that no one else would have thought up. Only after that do I think, oh I guess it’s handy that someone else figured out a skillset to which I could compare mine.

I’m kind of a brat, really.

But I suppose that can’t be avoided. I have uglier impulses and stupid things get under my skin. Sometimes it’s entertaining when I get really miffed about something I have read. Sometimes I get miffed about something I haven’t read. Like Eragon. I mentioned Muad’Dib to someone once, and to my jibbering angry horror, this person thought that it was Bid’Daum backwards. Rather than the other way round, which is the actual case.

I like how this has been said to be “possibly” a reference to Dune instead of a pathetic rip-off. Frank Herbert derived his character name from Arabic. Christopher Paolini took a name from someone else’s book and reversed the letters.

Either Paolini is an idiot, or he is a vampire. Which, I think society is coming to believe, is another kind of idiot.

Of course, I recognise that this is a stupid thing to be irritated about. The loser still got published and still makes money. The standards of one of my most beloved industries are continually getting lower, and with every poor purchase I make, I’m contributing to it.

Maybe later I’ll write about that rag-and-bone troupe. Right now, I’ve gotta get ready to spend the whole day getting my car fixed. Again.


One thought on “I get mad about dumb stuff

  1. Paolini has always bothered me a little, even though I found myself enjoying his first book inspite of myself (the other ones aren’t so great…). His parents did own/were high up in the publishing company which originally gave him his contract though, so it’s more nepotism than lower standards. And I guess if enough people read and enjoy a book it should be considered a success of sorts.

    On another note. In working with lit mags I’ve come across a lot of submissions with very similar story lines. There is not a hint of plagiarism, just a lot of people thinking they’ve come up with a “totally unique to them” idea. Sadly, when I tell writers I have to reject submissions because I already have several stories with the same plot/big twist they don’t take it well. Which is understandable…but getting there first really is 90% of the battle.

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