Game design?

I don’t know if this even counts as a new project. Partially because I’m not really doing anything that I can show anyone, aside from what are basically notes. But also because it’s something that I know I do not know how to do.

I’m well-acquainted with some hardcore gamers and designers. Thanks to that, I have some indulgent ears that have amazing advice–some of which I don’t get. Due to my lack of knowledge and experience.

But it is something that I’m doing. At the face of it, it’s pretty much just a skin or mod of Airship Pirates.

At first, I just wanted to take a system and write some more encounters. Because that’s fun. But I wanted to use my own story, my own world. At first I tried using Hunter The Reckoning for pure numbers, but the core rulebook for that game is just…

It’s got more fluff than meringue, and about as much crunch as broth.

The other problem was that it’s very married to its setting. My story revolves around younger characters, is set in one place, and the interaction with the supernatural is not solely or even prevalently malevolent.

I tried to go back to the Airship Pirates system, but ran into a similar problem. Crime, activities not suited to minors, and travel are all integral to that game. What I want to write takes place in a single town, and most of the dangerous stuff and exploring happens in the infinite Wood adjacent to the town.

So it kind of came down to borrowing a few skills and some numbers, and just coming from my setting as much as possible. I’m considering a magic system, which I’d probably have to do from scratch.

It’ll be a while before I have something that even I can play with, but I’d like to end up with something that can be played by other people. That’d be kind of cool.

Really need to take some time to read, though. I have a few things I want to write reviews for. It’s just been easier to focus on this than reading this week. That might flip. It happens.

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