Maltese Grimalkin – An Arrival



This small room is well-lit and decorated in rich colours. Furniture is sparse and clearly old, but tasteful. There are a couple of paintings and framed photographs on the wall. An assortment of strange artefacts hang from the wall and sit on shelves.

Adrienne stands in front of her wardrobe. She twists a black scarf around her hands for several moments, before finally winding it round her neck.

After a deep breath, she exits the room.


Once inside, Adrienne politely declines Constable Ash’s offers to take her coat or scarf. She flashes a bizarrely dazzling smile towards Constable Ash, but seems otherwise oblivious to the scattered policemen.

Bold as a child storming a game of chess, she marches up to the captain.

(to Captain Elliot)

Good morning, Captain. I must admit that I have no earthly idea why you’ve summoned me thus to your charming workplace.

She reaches up to adjust her long brown hair in its loose bun.

(to self, intended for Captain Elliot)

One would think that investigation would preclude social visits. But what do I know.

No one dares to glare nor snicker. Adrienne lifts a lace-gloved hand and tips her chin up with her index finger.

(to Constable Ash)

You don’t look at all busy. Would you be a dear and fetch me a cup of tea? No milk or sugar, merci.

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