TMG – Clue


Adrienne clicked her fingers impatiently. “I asked about items, constable, not the victims. Charles Brimley was not an altruist, he–” she cut herself off, nearly biting her tongue.

The police would have thought of linking the victims. Humans worked that way. But most supernatural creatures were uninterested in much of the ways that humans categorised themselves. Warm bodies and blood were enough.

What she had almost said, was that Brimley would not have hunted a monster to save others. Not even if he had linked odd murders to a creature that he could fight.

She didn’t mind that he hadn’t been a hero. His other traits had been far less endearing and much more immediate. But it was human to deify the dead, so she offered a small prayer for his soul.

“I’m sorry, it seems that being confronted with this scene is more upsetting than I would have expected.” She stood up and brushed at her clothing. “You may tell your Captain Elliot what he wishes to hear.”

Even as she said it, she walked round the apartment one last time. The man had been afraid of something, and he had known it was coming. But it would have taken much more time and investigation to tell what that was.

Perhaps it was time to take a trip? But no, that was cowardly. Not even Charles had done that. Although it might have saved him. It would have at least saved her the trouble of following after the clues he’d left.

She had no sooner thought the word ‘clue’, then she noticed a scrap of paper sticking out of a book. None of the other books bore distinguishable placemarkers. Charles had prided himself on his memory.

Spinning to place her hands behind her and in reach of the paper, she said to Constable Ash, “Now that this business is taken care of, would you perhaps join me on a tour about the university grounds?”

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