Character testing

Today, Dither and I were talking about character ensembles (with an emphasis on battle that was entirely his :P ), during which we discussed a team of mine that will eventually have nine or ten people. It’s a story that I’ve been working on for ages, and with which he is quite familiar. It gave me a bit to think about, and it’s always fun to talk about established characters, however offline and personal they may be.

It seemed the sort of discussion that would better aid me in a different story, where I had a perfectly good idea of what the characters are like individually, but have yet to really picture them interacting. I brought it up, and the tone of the discussion changed a good deal.

Maybe that’s a poor choice of words. The atmosphere felt different. Neither of us was on familiar ground, at least not with these characters, and I’m sure he thought that I had all of the information while he had either the absolute minimum or none at all. But it wasn’t the footing that I noticed. It was the feel for character on either side that was just not there. It fluctuated, particularly when I had the opportunity to summarise each character into a tagline. Doing that tends to make any character look either lame when they are not, or cool/interesting when they are often not.

Anywho, he brought up some good points regarding battle distribution of these characters into teams. But I’m still missing something, I can feel it. The analytical approach doesn’t really work for me, I guess. My best stuff has always come from not looking at it too hard. I may risk “breaking it” by staring.

I had thought to run a test over the characters by freewriting a little with only vague memories of the aforementioned conversation and my own notes, but I have another headache that is just destroying my ability and even my desire to think. I’ve nearly scrapped this entry three times already.

That project I mentioned is almost ready to go online. I said it’d be ready within this week, and I might be right. The last part of it though, is a difficult turning point from what I’ve been doing, with something of a time crunch inside it as well as outside it (tomorrow is Friday, after all, the week is ending). I may have to tackle it tomorrow when I have more brain at my command. Or I can Summon Husband Assistance and do all the work while thinking he is indispensable. Because I tend to do things like that.

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