Music and uncertainty principles

The other day I finally went out and bought some shoes that don’t make my feet hurt. They hurt anyway, but at least they don’t have some kind of ridiculous help.

I also bought new headphones! They don’t work all that well. But they look completely boss. And it’s nice to have my music pumped directly into my head again. Possibly the crack-pop instability is the fault of sheer awesomeness. I am overloading on Psychostick and Poets of the Fall. And Hypnogaja. I’ve had a lot of time to listen to music today. And I spent some of it on watching strange movies. Arsenic and Old Lace has come to me far too late in life. I followed it up with the last twenty minutes of Shutter Island, which was such a bad idea that I had to watch the beginning of Going By The Book. That seemed to put me on an equilibrium again.

Got an appointment with a rheumatoligist! It’s a time for rejoicing and probably speculation but I think I’ll skip that part. Sorry I haven’t been writing. I call the pain card, but also other ones that will stay in my bluff stack. Have I mentioned that I am notoriously bad at any and all games that involve cards?

Yesterday I was treated to a guided character creation. It was a bizarrely empowering experience, which made me feel immensely awkward and self-conscious. But it was still fun, so it’s good that I didn’t ruin it by being an irretrievable dork.

I have been writing fiction lately, but I don’t know if it was a lasting thing or just a really healthy break-out. It has been fun and I am going to keep being good at that. I just wish I was good at other things.

Wow time flew by today.


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