So I got my haircut

It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been testing it out these past couple days, and I think it works good. Hopefully I won’t need a new one for the next five years, because if I need one in a week it will take that long to bother actually doing.

Last night I was watching Lie To Me (the good one with Yoon Eun Hye) and I needed something to do with my hands. So instead of pulling up a card game or something, I opened MS Paint and started drawing a weird little face. It looked like it needed to have a hood…which made it look like a mask. Then I just started messing about and ended up with a mask at the end of a slug-like ribbon.

I wasn’t done drawing (each episode of Lie to Me is an hour long), so I went through the old doll bases folder on my computer and found one by If Looks Could Kill.

And I made myself a self-portrait doll. With my new haircut.

It’s made me want to do some more of these things. I used to do a lot of dolls, some baseless or with my own bases. They were never terribly good, but I like the shading. Which I do very poorly.

Next time I do this, I’ll have a better palette.


3 thoughts on “So I got my haircut

      • I saw that one! I’m always amused by the guy spiking the ball to the girl’s face. I forgot their names… oh dear.

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