Damp Towels Cure Bullet Wounds

Try as I might, I cannot come up with a better title for this world. Maybe I’ll get lucky and just end up doing a bunch of title-less flash fictions, all under this absurd banner.

Either I mentioned it to myself in my writing session, or I brought it up in a post, I don’t recall. But lately I have been having a severe influx of ideas, and very little action to go with them. I thought that dolling a particular set of characters might help me get something more concrete. Or at least be fun.

Initially, it was just Ash and whoever that other guy is, but then I felt compelled to add to their group. I was going to add two, but the other one took up so much space will all of her hair…

All right, being fair, it wasn’t just that character’s elaborate hair design. I had already taken a long time editing the bases for Ash and The Dude, then drawing their clothes, and finally shading them, that I didn’t want to spend much more time on this set.

One of the reasons that it took so long was that I started right at the end of the day that we needed to go shopping (and early bedtime) and then continued working on it around my work schedule. So it felt like it was taking forever when it was probably just about normal.

The third character I drew actually took the shortest amount of time. I used Photoshop 7 to help me tweak the skin tone (I really hate messing with skin tone, but I almost always tweak it) and then I just did the hair in one go. Curls tend to need more complicated but technically less actual clean-up, so that went quickly.

You might notice that my palettes are better in this than in that one self portrait doll that I posted a while ago. This is because I actually bothered to make my own instead of grabbing some of my old ones. That may be why the shading took me so long on Ash herself.

That’s enough jibber jabber. Here’s the current version of the doll set:

First of all, the base set was made by wish04 on deviantart. I think it’s called Hoshi. As I said before, I did a lot of small edits, most noticeably skin tone and eyes. It was also clearly made with a feminine aspect in mind, so I had to make the dude doll bulkier and a little less elastic and hip-y.

So far, there are only three characters, but I have plans for at least one, possibly two others. The characters depicted are adults. I chose to use this base set because I used it once to provide doll caricature-ish things for a story a long time ago, and I think it covers a wide range of age groups.

The main character is not at the centre, because composition-wise, it would look very strange to have the biggest character pixel-wise on the edge. At least, it seems that way to me. I do all of this crap on instinct.

Anyway, Ash is the main character. Her name is not short for Ashley. She is what is called a superhero seed, a dormant super soldier developed by some defunct organisation.

The seeds were all found in the ruins of laboratories, and sent to foster homes and the like. So hopefully none of them will angst about not having parents. But considering that at least one of them has a habit of teleporting random distances with absolutely no warning, there are other things to whinge about.

Wow, I keep getting off-track. Um. Ash picked her name, since her real one is something lame like Cynthia King, and she has the ability to make things burst into flame.

The guy on the other side of the picture is stubbornly unnamed. I mostly think of him as “Oh that guy”, although I suppose that George, Harry, or Duke would suit him all right. Considering the fact that I have been unable to pin anything to him, I’m either going to give him the ability to make his form insubstantial or something in that theme.

Petalumeir is the girl in the centre. She is, for most intents and purposes, a little goddess. She probably comes from space. She can levitate herself and other animate and inanimate objects. She’s also blue and maybe immortal. I haven’t decided yet, I only created her a few hours ago.

Since the organisation that made these people is no longer anything but a smear on no-one’s memory, it’s almost unimportant. Ash became a vigilante in response to living on the streets and being friggin’ sick of people stealing her bed.

It’s likely that she hooks up with Teddy because she catches him using his power and thinks he could be useful. A vigilante with a gang can gain a lot of power, after all. Then Petalumeir comes to them with a mission, and they have to collect people. Villains with a similar origin to Ash and Merrick will probably surface as well.

There, that’s more story than I have been able to attach to Ash (and definitely the most I have been able to even say about Terrence) since I had her face pop into my mind.

Also, a few people who know me really well will wonder why I didn’t call this guy Sven. They might even suggest I call him Darc. (Oscar! Jonas! Hedin!) Sorry for the insanely long post, guys. m(_ _)m


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