Being around stupid people is actually exhausting.

I mean this in a purely literal sense. It’s not nice to think about and it’s pretty awful to say. But sometimes the truth is decidedly unattractive.

Not everyone is on the same level of intelligence, education, or innovative instinct. They all deserve the same basic respect. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is hard to interact when certain differences are particularly glaring.

I do fine when education is the subject of difference. I can explain without feeling taxed or annoyed, and I enjoy finding out new things.

My problem is when the person I am talking to is genuinely less intelligent than I am. Never mind anything experience-related. This person is simply not swift of thought or inclined to reflect.

Maybe I’m just not very patient. I understand a lot of things intuitively. I cannot show my work a lot of the time, so I am obviously not the greatest teacher. I also get frustrated when someone fails to comprehend something I figured out easily.

I’m not bragging. I’m trying to figure out why I get so exhausted when I have to hang out with someone slower than me. Especially someone who has only four topics of conversation.

Bleh. Better post later.


2 thoughts on “Observation

  1. It’s made all together worse when said person (being less intelligent and having only four topics of conversation) makes constant demands of your time. Like you will somehow enjoy talking about one of the aforementioned FOUR TOPICS more than you did before when you gave them the brush off, or told them to their face to READ A BOOK and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and GROW UP, et cetera.


  2. I find I am getting more patient with stupidity as I get older (in my teens and twenties it drove me batty), but I still have times where I get into long discussions with people and have to remind myself that not only am I thinking more about my half of this conversation, but I am invariably investing more and gaining very little. This especially happens I find with people at work who have been doing the same job for over 10 years, and whining about it for 9.98 years of it. They are constantly whinging about it, and for a long time, I would listen, and contribute what I thought were helpful suggestions on how to deal with the problem, but I was missing the point. These folks don’t want to fix their situation, they want to whine about it and they want you to listen. That to me is stupid. And while I can continue to be sympathetic, I no longer choose to be their whining post.

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