Sparked by novels

Not a bad posting day, considering that I’ve been using my phone for most of these posts.

Aside from all of this doodling and drawing stuff, I also finished the fifth Artemis Fowl book. There was me, unaware of the last three books. Had to go out and buy them, now I’m resting after the huge events of the fifth book.

One of the things that I admire about Eoin Colfer is his unabashed, fearless depiction of consequences. It’s more suspenceful than simply Anyone Can Die. It’s the refreshing Anything Can Happen, and the worst things can stay happened.

There are some things that horrify us as people. Stuff we don’t want to happen to anyone. And when we write, we tend to make sure that anything really awful can be fixed or undone. Somehow made okay.

Thing like non-fatal dismemberment. Or in extreme cases, any injury or failure. Even humiliation, especially if the writer is more juvenile or a Suethor.

Funny thing about injury. I had to interrupt writing this post to pick someone up. We were walking to the car when I lost my footing and hit the pavement. With my luck, my ankle is sprained, but it feels fine for now. Moving on.

Sometimes, I don’t like the bad lingering in Colfer’s stories. It’s the reason that I couldn’t finish Airman. It’s something that I can’t accomplish in my own writing, at least, not to my satisfaction. I may not be squeamish, but I do have a bit too much sentimentality for my own good.

Fortunately, I can write conflict, and I enjoy it. Not to the pseudo-masochism that most young writers delight in assigning themselves. Conflict drives a story and makes it better.

Enough rambling from me. I just wanted to climb down from my reader high and write another blog post.

I have noticed that when I blog on my phone, I don’t reach to insane wordcounts. Probably easier to digest and forgive frequent updates.

Although when I finally get a chance to write my daily 750 words, I might inflict a long free-writing post on myself.


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