Post title was born of my horrible inability to speak English without an accent. But it’s about something rather more interesting, I hope.

Whilst world-building the place that will fall under the banner of Hoodies and Handhelds (a tabletop RPG name if I have ever heard one), I came up with the three categories of what I have colloquially called Heroes. They may not be perfect, but they work for now.

This is also where I have moved Damp Towels Cure Bullet Wounds, as it fits in nicely and does not require me to continue glaring at its lame setting and ridiculous mythos. The biggest changes are in ability and purpose. No longer a gang, they now work for the company that researches adjacent realities and has a financial interest in the renaissance of the world after a war of invasion and mass displacement

Ash is an ifrit and ward of the state, which is even more common in this setting and not restricted to heroes. Nameless Dude is called Izzy Rosenburg Double, and rather than a power that renders him invisible or likewise, he is a powerful telekinetic who works in hauling cargo. The goddess Petalumeir is now Kamali, an avatar who has allied herself with the company while a division in the central offices seeks out the scattered pantheon to which she belongs.

Their new addition, who I had already thought to be a vampire (hence the post’s title) is called Savannah Spalin-Spring. She is not quite an orphan, and comes from a long line of vampires who once made up one of the most notorious crime families in their homeland. That land is now a crater, and vampires have become uncommon. The Spalin-Springs survive in Savannah and her father and brothers. She applied at the company because rebuilding her family’s crime empire does not interest her.

Vampires are always different from the most popular source text, particularly when they are meant to be protagonists. However, in this case, I don’t have to go into angst (Savannah does not have time for it) and the organisation involved is not officially or morally affiliated with law enforcement or even the government. It isn’t even a non-profit organisation, as it has financial ventures in publishing, broadcasting, and small appliances.

This, of course, means that the company itself would turn a blind eye to the hunting of innocents, so long as no murders result.

In Savannah’s case, there is a small change that I will admit is lazy, though not due to squeamishness. She dislikes taking human life because it taints the blood. Sort of like people who have a supreme dislike for over-eating. She’s still selfish and probably uses a good deal of guile and violence in obtaining her food. But she won’t kill anyone because it is detrimental to her.

Lazy, because then I don’t have to deal with characters having to adjust to the idea that one of their number is essentially a murderer. Her father and brothers do not follow her exceptional behaviour, and she probably has to keep contact with them to a minimum.

But other than that, she is a decadent blood-drinker who sees humans as about as sympathetic as dogs, with probably the same range afforded there. Some of them she genuinely adores, while still feeling superior, others are cute but forgettable, easily and immediately dismissed, or detestable things that deserve a kick or a bullet. She’s more violent than most people who dislike dogs.

My post-count maths were terribly off, by the way. I’m sure someone has noticed that before I did. Either I did the sums while I was asleep or I was just randomly jamming numbers into a sentence. Heh. Still, posting multiple times a day is proving to be interesting. Particularly since I have not written my 750 words for the day yet.

Anyway, I’m kind of working off and on through a list of topics that I wanted to write about. Maybe I’ll keep on writing in between the other stuff that I’m doing (reading!) and just schedule it to go up tomorrow. That way I can be lazy and no one will knooooow. Bah.


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