Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Once again displaying my total inability to sleep for more than five hours, I woke up around 7:30 this morning despite going to sleep at nearly 2. I did not attempt to share my early morning and instead decided to get back to Assassin’s Creed: The Great Disappointment.

Such feelings of betrayal and disappointment are really only possible when a great expectation and indeed trust are built up. I played the first game, thought it was pretty awesome, and then got all kinds of excited over the second game. Then I was abashed by the announcement that there would be another game centring on the ancestor protagonist of the second game.

What happened to the developers’ stated desire to utilise settings that went unused throughout the industry? The highly touted innovation?

Where was the French assassin ancestor in the middle of the Reign of Terror?

Nevertheless, I gave Brotherhood a try. It’s probably here in my blog when I did, probably more of exactly what I’m saying here. I gave up on it halfway through, thoroughly convinced that a series that had always had flaws had somehow managed to not only multiply and build on its flaws, but had also removed many of the things that had made me like it in the first place.

But I feel like I should finish the series. The gameplay is still fun. I still want to play… The story is just poor, non-existent, or loathsomely broken. Characterisation is laughable, if there, and there are some places where the stories told are not only disgustingly contemporary (and therefore anachronistic), but also North American.

It’s set in Italy. Make them act like period Italians, please. In accordance with the way they were acting before.

There is no fixing this. I have joked with Dither about writing a story with a similar structure and “:spawn point”, simply to see it told with consistency and none of the glaring mistakes I’ve seen… But I don’t think it’s possible. Not for me. I don’t write “fix fics.”

Guh. I will finish this, because I have all of the games and I like jumping on buildings. But I am not going to stop complaining at the holes.

And no. I am not excited about the “final” game. I will play it. But I won’t bother about it.



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