Me, a GM?

Don’t be crazy, I say.

Or should I? I really don’t know. Back when my friends and I wanted to seed our own tabletop role-playing group (my idea, but it was thanks in no small part to Spoony’s influence), we all decided rather naturally that I would be the one running any and all games. This did happen partially because I was the best at juggling things within my free time, and also because no one else really wanted to do it. In the end, I wound up running one session, and then we took advantage of Dither’s experience for a few other sessions.

Since then, I sort of grew a phobia of GMing. I got shy, I guess. It’s hard to be the centre of anyone’s attention, and although I can be quick and witty, I can’t just call it up when I feel like it. I also had a couple of bad experiences with role-playing in general.

Then, the other day, while I was playing Quest for Glory… either 2 or 4, Dither made a character sheet for a D&D version of my legacy wizard hero Schmendrick. This is the activity version of a leading question. The idea there was for us to play through a game at the table that covers the story of the Quest for Glory series. At least the first game. Which a certain someone other than me has never played and I don’t think had even seen at that point.

We didn’t actually sit down to play for a couple of days, but when we did, I ended up loading the game so he could see how the hero first enters the town of Spielburg. Possibly I also corrected him or more likely clarified something he had gotten from research.

I think I’m the one who offered to switch places. I know this game better than some books which I have read more times than I have completed this game. Ew, word salad. Hope it makes sense anyway.

Anyway, I was already having fun. But when we switched places, I felt some kind of power. Not over anything, just general sort of power, I guess. I knew exactly who went where and did what. And I had a fluid enough knowledge of the game and its writing style that I could push him towards the information he needed to ask for, and also to shoehorn in stuff he needed to know based on who he was asking and what he’d asked.

It’s nice to work with material with which I am inanely comfortable.

…I think I just scared Pandora. I thumbed down like three tracks in a row, and it started playing only tracks that I had previously thumbs-upped. Talk about power. I just intimidated an internet radio. I must have really been stabbing down with the mouse button. Jab jab jabjabjabjab. Take that, thumbs down button, you most useful of the buttons on this UI.

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