Lagoon and more Assassin’s Creed

We are going to go to Lagoon today! It’s funny, I’ve been looking forward to this since we went (last year? oh my gosh) and I actually kind of forgot about it. Maybe because my schedule is a little bit weird. And the other stuff that goes on. Like finding out that I’m diseased. Hehe.

So yeah, to bed late and up by 6:25, as I would have predicted had I bothered to do so. I wanted to get my blog posts and word session done, and I was able to get at least some of one post in my session. I’d say ‘killing two birds with one stone’, but that’s beginning to sound quite barbaric. And I don’t even like birds.

Maybe it’s all of the Assassin’s Creed going on in my house. Pigeon coops and bird crap signify two of the best parts of this game. Bird crap means you get to do the awesome leap of faith (which really shouldn’t have carried over from a story-telling point, but it’s my favourite thing so I won’t complain). And the pigeon coops are where you command your elite assassin troops.

Honestly, if they had just released an assassin-commanding game on XBLA or something, I would have bought that and played the heck out of it. It’s really just point-and-click resource management with only one resource (the florins would be meaningless if this were the sole feature of the game, as they are strictly income). I just like the numbers and doing it. I don’t know, I still play Solitaire for fun.

Something else I was thinking about re:AC and I swear that it’s positive and this will be the last time I talk about it for awhile (have I said that before? recently? meep) is that The Secret of Kells would have been a perfect setting. Just take the movie and make it Assassin’s Creed somehow.

No really. It does sound ridiculous probably. But it’s gorgeous, there are thousands of surfaces and heights to do the wall-climbing. Aisling’s forest has tonnes of trees and there is at least one instance of ruins. The Abbot’s wall has scaffolding and crap EVERYWHERE. I watch this movie after playing too much AC and I can see everything that I would want to climb on.

There’s also the looming threat of the Northmen coming that gives the story a sense of immediacy while still maintaining–and indeed creating–a kind of inevitability. They are coming no matter what happens. Not just because it’s a movie but…well, maybe that’s the place to start. RPGs in general tend to feel a little like books to me. That anything could happen, even if you already know it by heart. *cough*QfG*cough* This is great, but not when the events of the story are supposed to have ALREADY HAPPENED.

Grr. Anywho. That was my funny thought the other day. I love this movie.


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