Life resembles a donkey

Trying to think of what else I want to write about today. I really don’t know. I usually get blog posts one of two ways: a great idea or itchy rant gets in my head and I have to write it, or I just slam about on the keys until I think of something. Other times, which don’t actually count, I draw something and just pop it in.

This may not be the best way to do things. Even if it is just a journal for myself. I do go back and read stuff sometimes. I guess I should actually finish something. Except not Jason Chan month. I can’t take that kind of self-abuse anymore. I don’t know how an artist who is so good can get tied to such crappy writers.

I may not be anyone to talk though. Heh. But like anyone can stop me. Sometimes I stop in the middle of a rant and realise that the other person’s eyes are glazed over. The thought that comes to mind should either be one of politeness or aliens. But I can’t recall what I usually think. Probably something low-self-esteem-y. I do that.

Bleh. I can’t think of anything else that I haven’t already talked about lately. My life is just kind of my life. The holiday was good. My stress is much lower than it was, and the disease is held in check, although I did forget my chemo-y meds for a day. It doesn’t seem to have caused a problem. Although I still need to slap the insurance around so that they’ll let me get the amount of the pills that I need.

That is why I haven’t written about my life lately. I’m just reading, gaming, watching movies. Trying to write, but then, all I seem to get are these short flashy things and those are already on here. I’d get comments if people really wanted to know more about any of them. Without that kind of feedback, I’ll just keep doing whatever comes to mind first.

Funny note: While messing about on 750 Words, I think I may have found someone who is writing Ironman fanfiction. This strikes me as tremendously funny, and I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s just the fact that people’s words on this site are completely private, yet you can allow people to see stat pages where your word cloud shows up. Me, I hide mine. Because you can, and lately a lot of my sessions are full of personal stuff I don’t want floating hints over the web.

It’s my birthday next week. Nearly forgot.


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