Challenge retrospective and competence

Okay, now that I have risen to my own challenge in a way that challenged me (i.e., not doing it the way that I am already quite familiar with), what do I think about it?

Before I started, I did a little bit of planning. Only insofar as I thought of those lines at the end–which I originally intended to use earlier on, but couldn’t find the place for them–and that I wanted to write about a team that was already together. I also didn’t really think about what they worked on together, or where, or even why. Simplest seemed best.

But when I was doing that planning, I came to a conclusion about the experiment. That I would still prefer to form my ensembles one or two characters at a time, giving each a chance to show up on their own before shoving them into the ensemble. I figured that even after doing it, I would still think this way, but now I don’t know.

It was fun to discover each of the characters as Aitne already knew them. She would have pet peeves about one or pleasant shared history with another. Starting from where I did, they already had relationships in place. It’s an interesting way to start things.

I still like the other way, the way that I did things in Buckley’s Chance stood out particularly in my mind when I was thinking about it earlier. However, I do like this way as well. I think I’d be happy writing in whatever way things come to me. That’s a nice feeling.

I also wonder how well it all worked. I know what I think, but then, sometimes I can have blinders about my work. If I loved doing it, or one bit felt rather brilliant, or even if I just made up a new favourite character, I will remember or think about something I wrote with more fondness. And I can’t always tell when I have exhibited skill.

Often I think I wrote something awful only to be told that it was great. Or I loved something I wrote and realised later that it was actually rather stupid.

How well did I really establish those characters? Thinking on it now, and I even noticed while I was writing it, that I was rushing some things and that a few of them were characterised more strongly than the others. Denver was particularly cheated, as I was trying to wrap things up when he got there, so I actually put in a more concentrated effort to give him distinction.

I don’t know. It was fun, anyway.


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