A character’s underpants

First off, I know what I said about trying to generate trivial details about a character. I stand by it. But I was battling some insomnia and a funny thought hit me.

Do you know what kind of underpants your characters wear? It’s absurd, unless you have special circumstances that render it relevant. Chances are, ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you never need to know. And each of those times, you don’t bother thinking about it.

Until someone makes an assumption on the topic. Especially in a collaboration or a fanwork. If they’re wrong, which I think would be practically guaranteed, then you would surprise yourself at how quickly you’d leap to correct them. In spite of never having given the matter any thought whatsoever.

I would imagine that this is the case with anything that has derogatory potential. A character accused of wearing unfashionable underwear? How dare this person be so unflattering. Of course your character does not wear “granny panties”.

…I think I just put out a contract on my own life for using that term. I need to find some way to fall asleep.

Sexuality could be part of this, though. I usually don’t assign my characters an orientation until it comes up. Then if someone assumes incorrectly, it suddenly feels as though it was obvious all along.

It’s half past 2:00.

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