Well apparently I had the time

This is what happens when I get left on my own. I was looking at a bunch of opencanvas things (again) and watching how people do a bunch of sketches and then finally colour stuff in. It got me wondering. I don’t have the best colouring skills, but I can learn from what I look at. Sometimes. And it seemed a shame to just leave those last sketches the way that they were.

I opened up Corel Painter 9 and did a quick lineart over the MSPaint scribbly sketches. At first, I was only going to do the front-facing girl, but then I went ahead and did the other. ‘Cause it was there. Then I took a couple of hours to paint in the leftmost with digital oils and a blender (my favourite, Just Add Water <3). By the time I had that done, I was not in the mood to do anything else.

So I picked a random conte and started in on the other one. ‘Cause it was there.

Along the way, I used my sketch-obscuring layer to catch out any paint that stayed outside the lines, and I got this nice green-y blue colour that looked good against the forecolours, so I left it in and even used it when I couldn’t decide whether to colour Spinny’s hands and feet or not.

I think the thing that took the longest was either the green coat, or when I was doing the lineart, figuring out what to do with Spinny’s hands. Not the most dynamic of poses, but then, I haven’t drawn in a long time. Not really finishing like this. With colour and… stuff.


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