Early days

Last post and then I really have to get back to my novel. I think I’m procrastinating at this point.

The first game I ever made in an RPGMaker (95 or 2K, I think, I’m up to VX now) was about a guy named Matt who was a failure as a soldier because he would get lost and never even make it to the battlefield. He was ridiculed by the other mercenaries in his band, even by his little sister.

On one such deviation from the path and his fellows, he wandered into a forest protected by an elf. She intended to kill him, but he was so pathetic that she couldn’t bring herself to do it. After she let him go, he somehow managed to return to his village and met a strange woman in pink who told him that this act of reluctant kindness had put the elf in a lot of trouble.

The woman in pink guilted him into accepting magical transport to intercede and rescue this woman, but he screwed that up royally. This was where I stopped originally, but I remember what I had planned. The woman in pink saved them both and the elf tries to kill him in order to regain her lost status.

They are interrupted by a beast. Somehow, probably due to a humiliating accident, Matt would have saved the elf and she’d owe him a Not Kill You This Time card.

I think the woman in pink was supposed to be a rogue oracle who had smashed her glass and decided to screw with the fates of mortals.


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