The Importance of Fanfare

People like to feel accomplished. I know I do. Even when it’s just dumb little things like hearing that lovely sound effect that comes with unlocking an achievement in a video game, or earning the right to display a cute little badge on one’s homepage of whatever type one maintains. Even a dumb video of dancing hamsters singing the “You did it!” song from Dora the Explorer. Some acknowledgement that you have done well and you can rest for a few minutes.

There… really isn’t any fanfare for Camp NaNoWriMo.

My overzealous nature has always sort of excluded me from things in NaNoWriMo in general. I would get the Week 2 pep talk when I’m literally half done, and then the Week 3 and 4 talks when I’ve finished. There’s a lot of procrastination and failure that I don’t understand. The one time I didn’t finish NaNoWriMo, I had merely changed my mind about doing it. Nothing to do with failure, I just realised late that I hadn’t wanted to do it that year.

Ah well, maybe I just get more psychotically motivated about that stuff. Not important.

The widgets, progress-tracking and forums, competition and whatnot, were always a really big deal to me. Are. I like doing well, I like being able to compare how well I’m doing, even when it’s just to the projected targets and goals. And I like getting a pat on the head when I’m done.

Well, I’m not done still, but I did hit their goal. Where are mah acc-o-lades? The website doesn’t even notice that I finished. This is after validating my wordcount, which is apparently always ready. Or maybe it isn’t really and I have to wait another four or five days? I dunno.

Considering that I make do without an audience and, at this point, partners in crime, I am incredibly put out over not getting so much as a bloody congratulations sticker.

This is partially true stuff but mostly a joke wherein I posture like a smug Pac Man who needs a slap. Humorous Expletive but I love that game.



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