A dream that I fullly intend to write

After a week, possibly multiple weeks, of not sleeping enough at night, I just managed to take a three-hour nap and had the best dream ever.

In my dream, there was a group of friends who all lived in different parts of the world. Two of them, a guy and a girl, shared a hobby of reanimating the dead, and they sent related paraphernalia back and forth, as well as trading stories and techniques. Their other friends did not believe in this nonsense. The guy also practised a form of wand magic.

Another of these friends was a rich young lady who regularly house-sat for various family members around the world. Her father owned an airline and these kids were all of a driving age, so she was pretty prepared to travel. But she would frequently get lonely and allow herself to be swayed by the occasional stranger into sharing her travels. One such person managed to mooch off of her every time she stopped to buy food, and the great conflict of the dream came about when he broke into one of the houses, squatted there without knowing, and then tried to charge a plane ticket to France to her.

This was where their next friend came in. He was a very serious guy, who had been raised as something like a Schattenjäger by his father’s best friend. He and his guardian were in Germany at the time of the house desecration, and while the heiress house-sitter was dealing with the plane ticket fiasco, they told her to go back to that family house and they could help.

Meanwhile, the two necromancers had gotten in over their heads. They had bodies everywhere, and there was a nasty build-up of unpleasant spirits beginning to haunt them both. The young man especially was unaware of just what was going to spill out over them when the clouds burst. So to speak.

The guardian gathered them all in the house in Germany. He lectured the heiress for not being more careful of the company she keeps, and that she had basically invited some sort of Romany curse into her life. Then he told the other two kids to stop messing with the dead when they don’t understand the richness of their power. But with these lectures, he fully intended to help the heiress and teach the silly necromancers.

Even as they used a body as a carpet surf board and put the souls of women into dolls.

There was at least one other person in this network of friends, but I think I woke up before he or she could get an introduction. I think she was a gun enthusiast who hunted the butterfly people that had infested and conquered her little unknown island nation.

Hm. You know how when you wake up, what you were just dreaming feels immensely cool and possibly productive? But then you write it down and it sounds ridiculous. Haha, I just did that. Oh well. I think I might be able to use something. I sort of have this bizarre ensemble cast that could use a good guardian who is aware of the supernatural.


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