the unexpecteds of novelling

Whoa. Writing chapter 22 of Shifting Elements from my notes really turned out different from what I expected. As detailed as they were, they didn’t actually give me a lot to write, wordage-wise. So I borrowed from chapter 23, basically rendering it merged/obsolete, barring the ending. Which is pretty much just the main character warning her civilian-ish boyfriend that bad stuff is going down.

I can leave that out entirely, though. It won’t change what happens to either of them, and now that Chapter 23 is essentially gone, it’s not  narratively necessary.

Anyway, what this all means is that the next chapter summary I need to use is the one I had numbered as chapter 24, and I’ve dropped myself down a chapter. No bad thing, that. Especially since I stopped in the middle of today’s chapter, thinking that I’d be okay with having a lower chapter wordcount than I usually settle for, and ended up with 133 words over my goal.

But I feel a little apprehensive about my writing tomorrow. Chapter 24 has been planned for a few days now, and it is a doozy. It might actually stretch out to two chapters–although I think I’d rather just end up writing the only 5K word chapter in the book. Instead of breaking and necessitating 1K more than that.

It’s a major turning point in the story and the denouement that starts the endgame rolling. The end is in sight, and then it’ll be time to read back over this mess, edit it, and then remember how to format for Smashwords.


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