So I have this new project thing

Funny, how I am compelled to wax reassuring that it has not and likely won’t interfere with my novelling. (although today is going to be a long day, and I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to write chapter 24)

Anyway, this new project thing. A couple of days ago, I started looking around livejournal icon sites, with the vague intent to write something with fluctuating POV and post it here on my blog. I think the idea was originally either emails or blog posts.

Can’t quite remember how, but somehow it turned into something resembling chat logs. I think that I read some amusing conversations in livejournal comments, and it started there, but I’m not sure anymore.

One of my goals with these chat logs in the project is to make an entertaining conversation, as we all know IM can provide even or especially out of context. And to do it in a format that is easier to read than lines of meaningless text. Pictures make a lot of things easier to read.

My biggest problem with writing just chat transcripts is that the character’s names start running together and it’s harder to identify them, especially if a reader isn’t quite paying attention. But with an avatar, it’s sort of like giving readers a face. Quick, painless recognition of who is speaking, that you just take in and move along with.

There is also chatspeak, but I just find that kind of funny. I wouldn’t say that each of the characters I’ve written has some unique way of typing/chatting, but they do type differently.

There is a greater story, and I’m about 10 logs into it, with the best part about half done in accordance with that. In addition to the graphical chat logs, I’m also writing brief prose bits that follow directly after the conversation, one for each participant.

It’s not perfect though. I’m also afraid that it isn’t as fun or awesome as I think it is. And I’m not really sure of how I want to present it.

However, talking about it now has helped a little, and I guess it gives me some more time to finish writing the prose accompaniment for the chat logs I finished yesterday, and therefore get more of the story rolling.

I’ve gotta jet, the long day starts in about 5 minutes.


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