Are these endgame doldrums?

At first I was feeling daunted by this chapter. I started it this morning, then got about six important SMS alerts while writing just 750 words, then got to about 1500 before someone needed some help (quite important and only took about two hours) and then I got home and felt no desire to continue. I finally went back and made myself go on with it, but I’ve barely added about 100 words and I don’t want to bother.

It’s really lowering my overall mood, and that is not particularly high right now anyway. Maybe that’s more cyclical. Less? I don’t know. I feel so crappy. I don’t know what it is about this chapter. I did not want to work on it yesterday. It seems okay, but there’s no drive to continue, even though I am in the middle of the scene where the villain FINALLY appears. There’s this strong mental image of him in my head, he has a bloody speech to deliver.

He’s going to kick someone’s butt and then meet a really big event in the face. It’s exciting. I want to read it.

I just really really do not feel like writing it.

Technically, I have time to do this. I don’t have much left to write but I certainly feel no momentum. Maybe I broke it by playing with my other project. Or maybe I’m just in a sour mood right now, and can’t make up for the lack of momentum like I normally would.

I don’t want to take another break, but continuing to write is just frustrating me to the point that I want to throw my keyboard against the wall. If I try to keep writing, I think I’m just going to get mad.


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