Ha ha the joke is on me (happy post)

First off, this post got prematurely posted BEFORE I COULD EVEN WRITE IT because WordPress is a piece of crap that needlessly complicates any and all uses thereof. I pressed the spacebar and it just published the post. I have no idea why.

Sigh. Anyway. Trying to recapture the good mood I was suddenly in. Man is it easy to tank those for me. I don’t even think it’s my fault anymore. Bad and annoying things just happen to me without warning or permission.

Right after posting my whiny whinging whiny post about not wanting to write more of this chapter, I wrote it. I knew this morning that I was not going to be able to write it all on 750 Words. The reason was not actually related to writing or even the trouble I had with this chapter. But I did need to write it offline and with the ability to stop and chickenpeck my way through. I don’t think I hit my stride with it until I had about 2300 words. Which is about two and a half pages away from DONE.

Still. I like how the chapter ends. I suspect that the entire novel (or at least a large chunk of it) is actually total crap, but then, we are all our own harshest critics, right? I feel like I shouldn’t even say that it’s crap when I want to fix it up a bit and sell the shiny version. But I’m usually honest when I’m blogging, even when it gets me into trouble.

So yeah all done with chapter 24 and now worried about chapter 25 and 26. It is entirely possible that they will merge into a fat long chapter, since 25 might be a bit light on its outline and I don’t have anything to add to it that isn’t supposed to be in chapter 26.

When this is over, I’m going to buy myself a bleeding iPad 3 or whatever the crap it’s called. Well, actually I probably won’t. I have just been wanting to say that.


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