So very close

Although I did try to promise that I wasn’t going to whine about my novel anymore, I was just up to my neck in it, so it’s not quite going to go away just yet. I am very much afraid to read it when I’m done. I have caught myself using tropes that I would probably rant about were I to read them in someone else’s work. But that isn’t going to change my rants at all. I wonder if anyone is glad of that, or if I have just incited a very loud collective groan.

I have just finished Chapter 24, and found that I ended up using a good chunk of the next chapter’s synopsis to do so. I think I suck at outlining. However, where it ended is not the end, but it is so very close to it that I worry the end chapter might be way too short. Especially because spoiler tag. I am basically left with literally two scanty paragraphs of outline for the last chapter, which in itself only covers about two scenes. Some of those scenes contain the sorts of things I was already glossing over as not within the purview of my main character, and they will be even less so as the final events unfold.

There will not be another chapter outline to dig into while writing Chapter 25. I just looked through my notes, trying to find something in the many times I wrote about the ending that I could throw in there, but a lot of it actually has to deal with the inevitable epilogue. Putting that content into the last chapter would just ruin the pacing and smash things together. Utterly ignoring why there needs to be an epilogue at all. Which there does.

This isn’t exactly complaining as it is what I am doing while I try to figure out what I am going to do about it. The epilogue is pretty low on details and ideas, but it’s only there to answer otherwise unanswered questions, and doesn’t need to be more than maybe five hundred words. There are some things I could do that will link the ending to the epilogue a bit better, but it’s not really much.

Oh well. I’ll figure it out. I feel like I’m being an overdramatic jerk with all of this daunting talk, but it’s really eating up my brain and my thinking time.

Still managing to write the prosies I need to fill up Round 3 of The Roar of Our Stars. I dunno if anyone likes it, but I enjoy writing it, so whatever. I’m going to keep on updating it every day, at least for the rest of Round 1. Then I’ll see if I can keep up the pace that I’ve set. I have about three sets done for Round 3, with the last two presenting the most difficulty and the highest (personal) expectations.


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