Apology for bum-sucking WordPress SHENANIGANS

Apparently my blog itself hates TRoOS. Every post with a chat has been screwed with, and had troubles posting or some other BS. I’m tired of it, and after it just posted tomorrow’s post before I could finish writing it, let alone schedule it for tomorrow, just…UGH.

I feel compelled to air this crap a little and apologise for the stupid emails that are sent out to people who subscribe to my blog that way.

I am sorry if you got an email telling you that the 4th chat in round 1 was posted. If you actually want to read it and it wasn’t just an unwelcome blog update in your inbox, it will be up tomorrow around 6 my local time. I tend to schedule them for that time. If it was just an unwelcome update, then be ready to ignore the next one too. I’m sorry again. I don’t think it was my fault, but WordPress isn’t going to apologise for wasting any of our time.

If I can shake this stupid curse, then I can get back to writing more of the prosies and chats, and hopefully get to a point where daily posting is the thing and not an experiment. I hope people like reading The Roar of Our Stars in spite of all this crap.



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