Blogs and aspiring writers

I have read some disparaging opinions about fiction writers blogging. The common element seems to be that it takes away from their time to write. This is fair, and it is true. To a certain extent.

But can’t some people juggle both writing projects? Blogging and whatever fiction they are working on.

I guess I’m just trying to cover my own bum, but I just finished my novel. During the month that I posted the most since the beginning of this blog. I started a project that I am updating every day, and even got me to make a few new pages on the blog. All of this really effects my opinion on this matter. It’s hard to think that it’s so invariably the case, or that anyone can throw down a judgement on it (which is pretty much what everyone seems to do), because of things like personal experience.

In my personal experience, there’s absolutely no good reason to think that blogging will impede novelling. Even on days when I did update my blog and did not write in my novel, I did not update my blog instead of writing my novel. They were two things I did every day, and the decision to shirk one is not influenced by the other.

The problem is in assuming that all time is created equal, and honestly, I don’t think a lot of creative people have equal time. I got to where I was regularly writing a chapter in a little over an hour, but if I was in a poor mood, someone was bugging me for something, or I didn’t know if my hour would be interrupted, it would take longer or not even happen. Some people have to write in the morning, or it just doesn’t happen. Some people have to write just before going to bed. Others have to write in very short bursts throughout the entire day.

Another quirk of mine was that once I was done writing for the day, I was done. I am very unlikely to write more if I pronounce myself finished for the time being, so that time is going to be used differently anyway. Does that mean that I shouldn’t read because I’m reading instead of writing? This presupposes that all of a writer’s time should be spent writing, and that’s just stupid.

This part is for novellists.

Writing something other than a novel is not wasting your time not novelling. If you’re using your blog to procrastinate, then you’re procrastinating. And sometimes even procrastinating isn’t wasting time. Your brain needs an occasional break.

Maybe it isn’t fair of me to say this, since I’ve proven that blogging has not hurt my novel-writing efforts. I am far from perfect, and I am completely aware that I was in a nasty, drawn-out slump of writer’s block and incompletion fever just last month. But blogging was not the problem behind that, and it seems unfair for people to accuse aspiring writers of wasting their time or of indulging in some juvenile mistake.

Certainly it’s best to spend as much time as you can on a craft you want to improve, or a project you want to complete. But don’t let people make you feel guilty for not spendingall of your time on it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to celebrate finishing my novel by buying a glorified electronic toy that I intend to use to write my next novel. :3 Happy writing, novelists, poets, and bloggers all. (and anyone else I forgot!)


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