The Best Name

While bumbling slowly through my second start (which so far does not look like another false one), I had to come up with a name for a random female character. I wanted something quick so I could keep writing, so I just loaded up Behind The Name and randomised something. Choosing the option to have a first and middle name provided doubles the input and makes choosing a name that mich faster, so I kept that default option.

The names that came up were:

Inka Donka

Two perfectly good names. But together, they make one of the funniest things I have ever said out loud. Seriously, I defy you to say this name pair without laughing.

Anywho, the point was to get back to writing quickly. I really should have just used both of the names from my false start (kind of like I did last time). But I dunno if this character is more of a Megan or a Beverly.

I’ll figure it out. Cheers.


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