The Roar of Our Stars Round 1: Chat 5

With this, we come to the end of the first round. Gotta find some time to write more today.

Icon credits: First and Second.

lolkarma: dude

daftneophyte: Aw man not right now.
I am busy.

lolkarma –> Carlos

Computing could only be done properly on the floor, using a big screen TV as a monitor, while lying on a blanket pile deep enough to lose a dictionary in. Thanks to a high school that had only offered three electives that had nothing to do with language, he had learned to touch type. This meant that his manner of computer lounging included the ability to lie back as if sleeping. A state of perfect relaxation.

With some of his friends, he almost didn’t have to open his eyes to read their part of the conversation. Not because he was a genius or anything like that. They were just chill people who liked to talk more than he did. A few encouraging, “uh huh”s and “kay”s and he could fulfil most of his social obligations with minimal effort.

Not with Wen, though. Wen was unpredictable, even when he was mad. His reasons for being mad changed all the time. Then there were the times that the guy just threw him for a loop and Carlos had to sit up and actually contemplate the words on the screen.

“Monsters, huh. Wonder what’s got him thinkin’ about those.”

He kicked himself free of his blanket pile and staggered over to the fridge to get a beer.

“Why not,” he said again. It was Carlos’s philosophy on life and most other things. Why not monsters. Why not Wen plus monsters. The only thing Carlos wondered was if the topic would come up again.

daftneophyte –> Wen

People were always telling Wen to smile more. Especially other people in the company. He suspected that one of the mail clerks was afraid of him, and had possibly even complained about him.

It did not help that Wen had an unfortunate face. Anyone other than Wen himself would have thought it handsome, in an Asian code monkey sort of way, except for the soul-crushing expression of disapproval that never seemed to leave him.

He had tried being silly. But his jokes fell flat when people were too busy wondering why he was so angry to actually listen. He often had to repeat himself. Even if he was only asking a random person for the time of day.

This was part of the reason that Wen liked the internet. He could talk freely, and people were always better readers than they were aural listeners. Even Carlos, a man whom he only considered a friend because he didn’t know what else to do with the guy.

He reached into his in-box and whipped out a piece of paper which he would have rather neglected. As usual, his high forehead was crinkled in a deep frown. Why had he asked Carlos such a stupid question? Of course Carlos believed in monsters. Carlos believed in fairies, ghosts, and true love.

Wen returned to his workload.

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