Dreaming in a round

A lot of the time, when I start waking up, whatever I’m dreaming will start to repeat. It may also start re-initiating events, but out of order. Often, when either of these things happens, I am not ‘myself’ in my dreams. The person that the dream centres around (sort of like first person) begins to panic, and events resolve (or fail to resolve) in undesirable ways.

Things can get dangerous, and it’s actually upsetting for me. So when I wake up, even if the dream really was just a jumble of images and mashed up things going on in or recognisable from my life, I feel like I just had a nightmare.

It’s weird.

Ugh, short post. Forgot to schedule the TRoOS update again, so I’ll go put that up in a second. I finished three of the five prosies I need to finish Round 3. One of them is kind of… Iffy. I might rewrite, although I really really don’t want to.


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